I spotted a rat swimming around in my toilet bowl this evening . How likely is this to happen again in the future?

I was quite startled and traumatized.

I rent an apartment and dialed the after hours maintenance . The pest control department was notified and he instructed me to simply flush the toilet . And he said he would come out to my apartment in the morning for a follow-up appointment.

I worked up the courage to get close enough to capture a picture on my cell phone and flush the toilet.

Can preventative measures be taken to reduce the chances of this happening again?

I'm an adult male and I was quite disturbed by this all . Are there females who would have been way less emotional and far less bothered than I am?

The pest control tech kind of criticized me for freaking out and acting like it was an urgent matter.

It rained today with heavy flooding in the area of which I live....

But generally what causes rats in the toilet and how common is it?

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  • y
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    You probably just flushed it back from where it came, might behoove you to make sure that lid is closed from now on.

    I agree, that would be disturbing.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Rats live in sewers and can enter buildings through the drains, although it is very unusual. There are supposed to be interceptors in the drain line but these are rarely effective and difficult to remedy.  You are right to be alarmed, they are not things you want in your home. 

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