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If a college student fails, does it make the professor look bad or the college?

I heard that failing students is a bad look for the school.

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    It makes the student look bad if one student fails (or a few)

    If lots of students in one class fail, and students from other classes do fine, it makes the professor look bad.

    If lots of students from all classes fail, it makes the admissions department look bad.

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    That depends wholly on the class and whether the class assessment is norm-referenced or criterion-referenced.  It is not uncommon for entire classes to fail certain difficult classes like calculus or chemistry.  If it is imperative for a student to understand certain concepts before moving on, many professors will establish criteria that MUST be met in order for the student to progress.  If it is too hard, too bad.

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    neither; the student is the screw up

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    For every college class there is an expected percentage of students who are likely to fail. What that percentage is depends on the university, the specific class, and the type of students who are taking the class. If the fail rate is around what is expected it doesn't look bad for the professor as some people are just going to fail no matter how good of a teacher they are. If a high percent of people are failing throughout the entire school, that school likely has low admissions standards which looks bad on the school as a whole.

    If there is a certain professor who has a fail rate that is much higher than the expected fail rate that does look bad as they are either not doing a good job at teaching the material, their test questions are do not reflect the material well, or they are not writing clear test questions with good answer choices that truly reflect students knowledge.

    Long story short, if a few people fail it doesn't really matter. If the majority of people fail a class that looks bad.

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  • zipper
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    Not at all, it is a total reflection on the student that failed. Plus there are many reasons for failure, the biggest one is not knowing how to a lot study and home work time, with the new environment!  Many of these come back and do well in college the second time around.

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    If many students fail, it suggests that the school is admitting students who are incapable of doing the work. But most schools are too large to monitor students individually. If a student is struggling and doesn't discuss their situation with either an advisor or their professor/s, then the people who might be able to suggest help won't be able to offer any assistance. Students also fail for reasons that have nothing to do with their classes such as depression or other mental health issues, substance abuse, failed relationships or physical illness.

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    If ALL the students in a given class fail, it looks bad for the teacher. The teacher obviously didn’t teach the material over which the students were tested...

    If there is a high percentage of failing students throughout the college, it looks bad for the school. Either they are admitting students who are incapable of performing at the college level, or they are hiring ineffective teachers...


    If a student fails a class, especially if other students in the same class do well... it looks bad for THE STUDENT... and ONLY the student.

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    no one will particularly know if a particular student fails and thus it isn't likely to reflect badly on anyone.

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    If a college student fails, only the college student "looks bad."

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    These days, the state funding formula for colleges and influences is based in part of degree & program completion.  So it's bad for schools if a lot of their students fail.

    It's only bad for professors if there's a longstanding trend/pattern (from assessment data) that makes the instructor look bad compared to his or her peers who teach the same class.  For example, if 35 percent of professor X's students fail Calc 1, but the departmental average is 15 percent, then one might conclude that professor X is a bad instructor.

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