is he stalking me?

i'm sixteen and my ex boyfriend, my first boyfriend, i believe is stalking me. he is two years older than me and we dated for exactly 6 months. he was manipulative and abusive, both mentally and physically. i have an incredibly caring family who strongly dislikes him due to his treatment towards me and the rest of my family. we broke up in january 31st, and it's now november 20th. he's been attempting to show me he is "changing as a person." i have since told him that he has no chance regaining me in his life as a romantic partner or anywhere close and that he has no chance winning my family back in his life as well. i have a feeling things are going to the worst.

i'm grounded from my phone so i logged into my snapchat on my friend's phone to look at all the texts i have. i opened my friend's chat, someone who is also friends with my ex boyfriend, and saw 5 separate screen shots of my ex boyfriend's story, all with long paragraphs. the first one was of one at my high school, assuming that he was at my choir concert that he was invited to last year, even though i didn't invite him this year. from there on, he went to numerous different locations that we went on dates at, have hung out, and recounted some different memories of him and i, wishing he could go back to it. he posted all of this on snapchat to the public i assume, and must have been on the 16th, when the choir concert was. i feel incredibly comfortable but i can't tell if this is considered stalking.

2 Answers

  • Alan H
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    If he is not doing so publicly, just ignore it

  • Linda
    Lv 6
    3 weeks ago

    I wouldn't call it stalking but I would label it as harassment and defamation of character since he went public with it. Complain about it to snapchat and try to get him in trouble.

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