If I change my profile picture will he not take me seriously?

I met this guy online about a month ago.

Have talked/ texted since day one.Have hung out about 2 times now, these weren't short dates: 8 hours on the 1st date, and 7 on the 2nd. He lives about an hour away not even close to an hour.

Yes, he has kissed me. There hasn’t been any physical contact.I last saw him this Sunday, he mentioned 3 times throughout the night how we wouldn't see each other for a week or so because he will be going on a trip. I asked him if he really wanted to see me again he responded "its pretty obvious that I do."

Im curious as to whether or not it would be okay for me to update my profile picture on my profile(I just want a new picture I took). I know he is still on there talking to other girls. which is why I am still talking to other guys. I guess I'm curious as to whether or not I should update my picture or not cause I don’t want to give off the vibe that I’m not taking him serious & cause of how I have seen things go with him the 2 times we hung out. They were amazing times. We have gotten along great to be quite honest. I think I might like him.

I don't know if he was serious about seeing me again or he just said that. But I haven't talked to him since 2 nights ago when he asked me to let him know when I got home safely. I don't want to get my hopes up I also don't want to over think things. Im 27 & he's 3 years older. There have been times where we don't talk I guess i hope this doesn't fizzle out. My friend said I'm overthinking..

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  • Linda
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    Changing it will let him know you are not gonna wait around for him so do it!

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  • 8 months ago

    The beginning is ALWAYS Amazing or Very Impressive, 

    because you lack experience with and about each other.

    It takes about 3 months to BEGIN to know 

    the person you are DATING.   

    It takes about 6 months to FIND OUT IF you are really Compatible. 

    For some couples, maybe a little more.  

    Most find out or realize… THEY ARE NOT. 

    Anything sooner than that, means you are 


    Relationships give you experience on Right and Wrong ones.  

    No matter how much you Love someone or Want to be with them,  

    if you are NOT COMPATIBLE, your relationship WON’T BE 

    a happy one or last very long.  

    There will be lotsa Fights, Arguments, Insecurity and Jealousy. 

    OR you’ll find out something you don’t like.

    Keep in mind, that NOT every relationship you get into is for you OR 

    will workout forever. 

    Sometimes you or they will mess up and a misunderstanding 

    could end you as a couple. 

    Learn from these mistakes for YOUR NEXT relationship. 

    I estimate, it takes most people 4 to 7 relationships 

    BEFORE YOU KNOW what you are looking for in a 

    "til death do you part" mate. 

    That has just been my experience. 

    Nobody should have JUST ONE or Two relationships or Sex Partners. 

    Better and Worse always comes around, but without experience, 

    you'll never know the difference. 

    If you force yourself to be comfortable or tolerate the way you two 

    are with each other for FEAR of being alone or not ever finding 

    anyone again. You are NOT GOING TO MAKE IT and all your Fears 

    will happen anyway, after you have lost time, money and patience 

    with your "Wrong Mate". 

    If you're in a Wrong Relationship… 

    break up and keep dating to find someone better. 

    If you're in a Bad Marriage, cut your losses and Divorce 

    before your years disappear and all you have left are REGRETS. 

    People always make MISTAKES of all KINDS, but that's how you learn 

    RIGHT from WRONG, GOOD from BAD. It's called EXPERIENCE. 

    If you are a Youngster, you will IGNORE this and learn from 

    Mistakes and HeartAches.

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