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Why does he blush when he says nice things to me?

I have a guy friend that really likes me. He’s always saying I’m the hottest girl to him and how I leave him speechless. I like him too. He goes to my work and takes me some treats and will say I’m looking really cute and then he’ll blush and get nervous. It’s always cute when he does so. After work, he visits me or I go to his place and he massages me. He says it’s because I work too hard and I told him there was an obvious reason why he likes touching me and he blushed and used my back as his way of hiding his face. He said, “Well maybe I like you, okay? And I like everything about you.” And I see that he proceeds to blush. He does this every time he says he likes me. 

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  • 9 months ago

    He's hoping you reciprocate the feeling.  You apparently like him as a friend and nothing more.  You should make that clear to him if you have not already.

    Hopefully he gets the hint and moves on.

  • Linda
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    9 months ago

    Because he is shy and feels a bit uncomfortable but he really likes you a lot.

  • 9 months ago

    He may have a really high blood pressure rate and his heart may explode inside his chest like a balloon

  • 9 months ago

    Do you ever tell him what YOU THINK or HOW YOU FEEL?

    If you don't, is it because YOU WILL BLUSH?

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