How to get the engine started on a TaoTao atm50?

I just got this moped yesterday and I spent the whole day putting it together today. I followed the instructions that was sent with the bike,but  the engine won't start. I put gas and 10w40 oil in it and it still won't go. Please help


Everytime I start it up .it would try to start then make a weird winding sound

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  • 1 week ago

    Thank you for the replies and solutions,but the problem was the battery needed charging. Best believe if I need any more assistance I know where to find it.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Gotta be fuel, spark, or air. Ya might need to make sure there's gas in the line all the way to the carb. You can try sucking the gas down the line with your mouth except it really don't taste so good. You can take a squeeze bottle or oil can with a trigger pump and backflush the line with gas. You can try putting gas in the carb float bowl. You can try spraying carb cleaner into the air filter and then kickstart it and see if it comes to life. You can try pulling the wire off the spark plug about 1/8 inch and see if ya get a spark when ya do a kickstart. Double check your work.

    • Cap'n. America
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      Put mouth over filler  hole and  Blow with gas on, line off to carb. My Honda often loses syphon and needs this. 

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    A cheapo Chinese bike.  What can go wrong. 

    A weird winding sound likely means low compression due to a badly installed cam chain.  Remove the plug, spray starting fluid  in the chamber, reinstall the plug and try to start.  Moped starts briefly and dies you have a fuel delivery issue.  Moped does not start, check for spark.  Good spark and still no start with starting fluid, check timing and compression.  Good luck.

  • 3 weeks ago

    2 stroke or 4??????????????

    • Cap'n. America
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      4 stroke SOHC. That "CDI ignition" is BS, this was a review by a bike mag, not factory manual.

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  • If it sounds like it's trying to start, then you're getting fuel and spark into the combustion chamber.  Next things I would check is that the spark timing is correct, that the valves are adjusted, and lastly that the cam timing isn't off a tooth or more because it was misassembled at the factory.  I doubt they're started and run before they leave China.  If it's new, isn't there a warranty on it?

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