Teenage parents, what was it like being a teen parent?

How did you pick the name, how did your parents react, did you stay together? Etc 

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    one of my friends was 14 when she had a baby girl, it really was hard but in the end it was a good thing for her, she became very grown up not in a bad way but it made her focus on her grades and she got her first job. She picked a name off of Pinterest, they have a lot of cute ones for boys and girls. Her parents were yes concerned but reacting badly only made her feel more scared then she was, her and her boyfriend broke up a little after she was born but remain friends and and only left each other because she wasn't happy.

    • D
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      I'm sorry but this is kind of fcking hilarious. picked a baby name off of Pinterest? only 14 year olds lmao

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    it sucks ,, you will be poor your entire life and never happy 

    FYI being 18, 19 is a teen and it still sucks 

    unless you inherited lots of money and have it now .. put the baby up for adoption

  • GB
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    3 weeks ago

    I can't understand why  you think there is any difference in how teenage parents choose their babies names to older parents.  If I had been a teen mum,  I would have chosen the same name that I did for my daughter, as it has been my favourite  since childhood.

    I am of a generation whose parents would have expected me to get married, or give up the baby for adoption, as  unwed mums were seen as a disgrace. 

    • harriet2 weeks agoReport

      It’s because in the 1960 you couldn’t exactly go online to find baby names

  • edward
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    3 weeks ago

    My friends were teenagers when they had my nephew. They were 16 when he was born...their parents kicked them out (they were livid at the time) so they lived with me. He’s 9 now. They broke up...it just didn’t work out between them, they parent him together but neither parent has more say than the other, it is probably the best break up i’ve seen. But they were together for 7 years before they just split up. They’re cordial to each other

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  • 3 weeks ago

    You may want to try googling stories or blogs for teenage parent experiences. Or even ask on pregnancy forums such as: What To Expect. Sure it's fun to ask on YA, but the answers never add up to expectations, and people are going to troll you.

  • Pippin
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    3 weeks ago

    How about you ask ADULT parents what it's like to be an ADULT parent -- in a long-term secure relationship or married, with a stable income, a home, health care, etc.

    Why on earth would you WANT to try and have a child as a teenager, especially if you have to ask how to tell your own parents?

    • harriet2 weeks agoReport

      1. I am doing research, primary research. This will just be a small part of it. 2. I have asked on multiple separate yahoo accounts the same question but with different types so that people can’t reply to me twice preventing a false result as much as possible.

  • 3 weeks ago

    dis gon b gud  

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