Solo travel female thoughts and ideas?

been wanting to go somewhere solo for ages , obviously mum is worried about me going somewhere on my own but I'm sick of waiting on people. I explained to her what's the difference between going to Manchester to liverpool example it's the same you just have to use your sense and awareness example dont get too drunk , dont flash out money in front of people risk of theft or go off with strangers. Anyone have any tips for solo travelling and which countries are most safest? 

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  • 7 months ago
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    Amen boy boy!  It's not "don't get too drunk", it's don't get drunk.  I may disagree about no alcohol at all (a beer or glass of wine with dinner can be quite nice) but absolutely agree about not getting drunk.  Even if all that happens is an awful hangover, why waste your time suffering unnecessarily?!  But the risks pointed out are very real.

    Being aware, not flashing money or going off with strangers are of course prudent things.

    Research carefully your prospective destinations.  Read hotel reviews. Be aware of the area your hotel is in and where you want to do most of your touring.  (There are some reasonably affordable hotels in the NY outer boroughs but getting to and from them for your sightseeing may be more than your willing to do or you may have to pass through less than desirable neighborhoods.  Things like that you need to be aware of anywhere.)

    If renting a car, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with any difference in road signs at least.  They are generally easy to figure out but my experience was that it would have definitely been a good idea too check out the differences before I visited the UK.

    I think it's always a good idea to have at least your first and last night hotels booked in advance even if you plan on winging it the rest of the time.

    Most people will be reasonably nice but will more often react to you the way you act to them.  So being polite is always a good idea (well, it's always a good idea no matter) and remembering you are not at home is good too.  When you see or hear something ..... questionable, it is often a better idea to remove yourself from the conversation or place than becoming embroiled.

    I have no problem leaving a restaurant or pub or whatever if the people around me are asshats.  Sadly, this has happened more than once.  But quietly paying the tab and leaving rarely causes problems.

    Make sure you are clear on the hotel rates and cost.  I have noticed in the US hotels are advertised per room, Europe often posts per person rates.  As a solo traveler you will likely pay the full room rate in the US but often not twice the per person rate in Europe (there will be a 'single supplement').  Just be aware of the difference.  I had to cancel a trip to Italy because I severely underestimated the lodging costs.  The recalculation was ..... not good.

    Leave a copy of your passport or other travel papers, itinerary, flights, and even hotels with someone at home.  Should anything happen there will be ways to contact you even if your phone is out of order.  It will be easier to re-issue passports if there is an existing copy to work off of.

    As for where to go.  I am a fan of the US.  (biased of course)

    It is plenty safe especially for tourists (who are reasonably prudent).

    There is a HUGE range of places to visit from big 'progressive' cities like San Francisco and New York to small towns in fantastically beautiful places like Jackson, WY.  Beaches, mountains, deserts, islands, and prairies - take your pick!

    Really it would depend on what kind of holiday you want!

    Your mum's concerns are valid.  But you are also correct, waiting on people may mean never going.  So choose wisely, plan carefully and let mum know your plan (maybe just leave all that info in a folder on your way out the door before she can stop you :D )

    Have fun planning and have a great trip wherever you choose!

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  • 7 months ago

    Your "best answer" was a good one, and certainly covered the waterfront. But I would add two thoughts: one, is that  you might find traveling alone to be lonely and not all the fun you hoped it would be. There are folks who do it , enjoy it, and have no problem at all with it, but which sort might you be ? If, for safety, ease of arrangements, or simply companionship, you might also consider the option of travel with a group, through a travel agent, or travel organization. YOu don't have to either go alone or depend upon friends who don't want to go . Good wishes,

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  • 8 months ago

    you say dont get too drunk ...i say dont get drunk fact dont drink ..there is a world out there without alcohol ..i know two women who had their drinks spiked ...france ..around toulouse ..carcassonne is safe for singles still play in streets ..

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