If I don't replace my windows 7 with the 10 version, what will happen? Microsoft states I should purchase a new desktop (extortion?)?

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  • Frank
    Lv 5
    3 weeks ago

    Nothing will happen. It won't be "supported" in terms of specialized updates. It is a stupid notification for 99% of the world.

  • Scott
    Lv 6
    4 weeks ago

    Windows 7 is end of life. No longer supported, which means no more security updates, no more driver updates. This leaves it vulnerable from a security standpoint.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Horseshit, a good computer with Win 7 will last you a long time. No new puter,,now upgrade to 8 or 10, just use it to obsolescence.

    I still use XP on an older machine,,works just fine.

    • SJ ... It's only that way because the OS is Windows. The HARDWARE is still completely capable of running better software ... BUT notice that "MS RECOMMENDS BUYING" a new OS. They DON'T even HINT that You can use a free one.

  • Bill-M
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    Windows 7 will not longer receive security updates and you will be open to hacker attack.   Just download and Install Windows 10.  Do a Clean Install.

    Before you do that, download and run Magical Jelly Bean and it will show you your Windows 7 product key.  Use that Key to register Windows 10.

    You use the Microsoft Media Creation Tool to download Windows 10.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Microsoft has NEVER told anybody they should "purchase a new desktop" due to Win 7 about to retire. Whoever told you that, or wherever you read it, was pushing fake news. The only thing Microsoft has ever suggested to the public is to upgrade to Windows 10.

    What will happen if you don't upgrade? Nothing. Windows 7 will continue to function for many years. Just like XP did (and does, as some people still use XP). 

    All it means is you won't receive anymore of the updates/fixes that Microsoft pushes down monthly. This has the potential to be dangerous for you if you are a  user who likes to visit shady websites that could take advantage of a Win 7 vulnerability that Microsoft will not be patching after it retires Win 7. But if you keep your anti-virus and anti-malware programs up to date, this should help keep you safe. But then, you should be keeping them updated anyway.

    Eventually hardware and software manufacturers will no longer release their product to run on Win 7, but that's years away. 

    Here is what I tell my friends that still use XP, and it would apply to you as well: as long as your computer does what YOU NEED it to do, then just keep on going with it - but be careful with the shady websites.

    • Anonymous
      Lv 6
      3 weeks agoReport

      You should know that exploits can happen by visiting any website, not just shady websites. Ad networks don't always know the advertising companies and can allow malicious ads that can include exploits. My moms computer was almost infected by a malicious ad from Microsofts email website. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Windows 8.1 will be supported for another 3 years (Jan2023) if you can find an installation disc with a licence and are not too embarrassed to use it.

    With a desktop there is only the case, the power unit, the hard disc or SSD, and the motherboard with RAM and a CPU plugged into it.

    All of those can be changed or updated  / upgraded as required to allow the hardware to be able to use the new software.

    I`m keeping my Windows 7 desktop, originally Vista, only the tower and hard disc are original, regards, Bob UK.

    Might try Linux Mint though as a dual boot.

    • You're probably already familiar with this Southpaw, but just in case anybody else fears a dual-boot attempt, or just wants to use  their Win7 system online safely & fearlessly.  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=linux+mint+usb.

  • 4 weeks ago

    It will still work fine. There will be no security updates, bug fixes etc....

  • 4 weeks ago

    LOL. What extortion? What are you on? Microsoft prefers that you upgrade to W10, but they're not "extorting" you to do so. Windows 7 is end of life soon. That means that MS will no longer support W7. They will no longer update it with security updates/patches or provide technical support. That does NOT mean that it will stop working, as a lot of people like to assume for some bizarre reason.

    You can still keep using W7 after the EOL date, but just be advised that MS will no longer help you with any problems nor will they fix any problems that may arise in the future.

  • P
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    You just won't get security updates leaving yourself vulnerable to being hacked.  

    Regardless it's not extortion.  Microsoft is still quietly offering free upgrades,  You just download the program here and go through the upgrade process. 


  • 4 weeks ago

    Nothing will happen. Eventually, Microsoft won't support or update Windows 7.

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