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Los Angeles or Washington D.C.?

Which city, if you've traveled to them both, do you like more in terms of quality (affordable) housing, navigability, infrastructure, downtown area, etc.?

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    Both are mostly ghettos... what's left are the expensive residential areas, commercial areas, and touristy places. D.C. has better pubIic transport, whereas you have to drive 10 minutes in a car to go 1 mile in L.A.. L.A. is also more spread out, whereas D.C. is more central and close together. I might say L.A. has better weather, but they have a ton of wildfires and the country's worst pollution. People in DC generally mind their own business and are focused on what they're doing, where as people in L.A. are a lot more edgy, judgmental, and all-around bizarre. Both have a homelessness problem, but L.A. seems to be much worse. 

  • 6 days ago

    FOr all of hose things I would say Washington would be better. It’s smaller, more navigable and has much better infrastructure. Don’t come know about the price of housing, but since it’s not of America’s big three cities, I guess it’s cheaper than LA. 

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    Your comparing the government capital to the movie capital

  • 3 weeks ago

    Washington D.C. but neither is an inexpensive place to live.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Haven't been to DC but I prefer LA because it has so much more to offer. It's much bigger and has better nightlife. DC has a lot of bad, dangerous neighborhoods, awful weather, and too many career politician/lawyer types.

  • 3 weeks ago

    DC definitely doesn't have any affordable housing, quality or otherwise. The mass transit system is excellent though. Its easily among one of the best in the United States. I've never been to LA.

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