Why my 4G device (Nokia 2.2) shows H+ instead of 4G as it was before?

Hi everybody, kindly assist me on this.

I have noticed something unusual on my device which is Nokia 2.2. Before, the network signal, showed 4G, but as I'm writing now, the network signal shows H+. This issue, has happened after sim-swap process. What could be the problem?

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  • 8 months ago

    Could be several things. The phone you are using is flip flopping between two or more towers near you due to mobile traffic, in and out of range of the one (s) close to you with a more stable LTE signal, to one that is not upgraded to LTE or is having issues (including being further away from you).


    The sim you swapped into your phone is not as current as the one taken out of the phone, especially if the APN setting for the carrier do not match the current carrier. 


    Are you sure the new sim card, is an update for the carrier you are on now? Also if this phone is unlocked from carrier A, and is now being used on carrier B, have the APN setting been updated as well as the sim card? 

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  • 8 months ago

    H+ means High-Speed Packet Access. When you're not connected to WiFi or 4G, you will still be able to make voice calls and connect to the internet; it just isn't as strong. If the symbol is there all the time it might be because your provider is having issues with its WiFi hotspots.

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