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Will a game / application still run if even one single file is deleted?

I was just wondering if the application would still run if a single file was deleted. What i mean is that, if a game file was deleted, and that game file was supposed to be for the ending of the game, would the game still run properly and crash when it reaches the ending?

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    It depends on how the game / application is written & the contents of the file in question.

    Most respectable games / apps will typically do an integrity check at start-up.  Even though it may not immediately access a particular file, it should check that everything is in order.  If a necessarily file is missing, it would give a load-halting error & immediately perform an automatic update to fix the issue.

    HOWEVER, that can potentially add a lot of initial loading time, so it may be skipped by some developers & leave it for the player / user to fix it (by doing an integrity check with Steam OR do a re-installation of the game).  Which will allow the game to run as normal until it trying to access the missing file in question, at that point the game will malfunction & crash at that point.

    Please be aware that if the file in question is part of your save file, the game will likely tell you that your save file is corrupted & either delete the corrupted data OR tell you that it cannot load that save.

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    It isn't possible to accurately answer your question since it depends on the game and how important the file is. Like Mio mentioned, some games run an integrity check of the critical files when launching and will either download the missing file(s) or tell you that it can't run.

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    Some games check for all of that firsthand, so it IS possible the game won't run at all because of it...this of course depending on how important the file was.

    Though it MAY crash upon reaching that part too, or whichever part ties into it...

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    3 weeks ago

    Yeah, it should run but you never know

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