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Steroids recommendations ?

Currently an athlete and have been working out for 4+ years. I am 6'1" and 250 pounds. My lifts are already impressive but I have around 18 percent body fat and really want to cut it down. I plan on dieting soon and working out more frequently than usual coming up. I possibly wanted to add a little something extra. I want recommendations for what steroid I should use and what would be the best for a cut body and maybe lean bulk. I have been doing a lot of research but there's a lot of fake information containing information about steroids. I plan on taking a low dosage and taking the "safest" approach I can. I'm just having a hard time picking the right first steroid because its tricky for the first time but I only plan on doing one cycle. Some seem the best but have straight up nasty results. Could someone help me pick one that's what I need and is possible the safest to choose from. Thank you

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    Steroids are for when you want to put weight ON , not take it off.

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      they are asking about anabolic steriods as in the illegal ones

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