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Desk job added 25 lbs.... How do I get rid of it? Should I work on my feet again?

Well folks... I most all of my life have worked some kind of job on my feet. A little over a year ago I got a desk job because I thought no doctor was going to be willing to help me take some orthopaedic bolts out of my body. I was weighing on average about 140 lb. before this desk job. A year later and I now have 25 more lbs and I also had actually found a doctor to help take the bolts out which greatly improved my quality of life. Should I go back to work on my feet again in order to shed the lbs? I am not really a gym person.. how long would I have to exercise each day to keep this 25 lbs off of my body? I am a thinner/slimmer statured person. The added weight has seemed to go to my gut and I don't like it.Thoughts please..??? Thanks in advance.

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    Weight loss is 80% diet.  You gained weight because you continued to eat the same amount as before but weren't burning as many calories. If you WANT to go back to work "on your feet," feel free.  If you prefer your desk job, lean to decrease your portion sizes, make healthier food choices overall, don't snack, decrease your consumption of starchy carbs (bread, cereal, pasta, potatoes, rice, etc.), and get some type of daily exercise whether that is walking the dog a couple of miles or joining a gym, or changing your job.  

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    Not needed. Just make a conscious effort to eat less. Start with the carbs. I mean, ditch the carbs and the sugary drinks which means almost all of them. Just drink water to be safe.

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    i would ask your doctor about all this

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    shut the fk up

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