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Pokemon EV Training Question?

If I were to want to train one of my pokemon's stat; would I have to find a pokemon with the stat I want to train as its highest to battle? Like for example, if I were want to raise my speed stat, would I need to find a Diglett to battle since Diglett's speed stat is pretty high? Also what happens if I'm EV training a certain stat but a pokemon that I'm battling has like two or more stats closely or at the same value?

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  • John
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    while pokemon usually give evs to the stat that they themselves are best at, that's not always the case.

    if you look up a pokemon on bulbapedia, it will tell you the evs that that species gives upon defeat. for example, mew has 100 base stats for everything, but will always give 3 hp evs upon defeat. so look up what pokemon give what evs before you start training.

    and some pokemon will give evs to more than one stat, so you need to be mindful of that too so you aren't wasting evs in a stat you don't need.

    ev training will also differ a bit depending on the game you're playing. for example, you can max out a stat in as little as 7 pokemon in the sun and moon games if you have the right items and other multipliers to increase your ev gains. i would look up ev training guides for the specific game you're playing to find what will work best for you

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