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Why do people in the aquarium and aquaponics hobby say that algae consumes more oxygen than it produces?


I am.

Update 2:

From what I've learned, algae consumes CO2 and produces O2.  It also consumes O2, but not as much as it produces.  The hobbyist said the algae wasn't covering the water's surface, so it wasn't suffocating the system, but still, the O2 levels were dropping because of it. 

Update 3:

...So what I've learned is the opposite of what's really going on in reality.

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  • 8 months ago

    If I remember properly from when I had an aquarium. the algae that form on your tank walls uses a lot of the oxygen in the water (through the aeration system). So, your fish eventually suffer. Having a good set of algae eaters works wonders.

    Good aeration systems also help keep down the algae....

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