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Betta looks very unhealthy. What's wrong?

My betta splendens used to be black with dark blue fins. Now, he is very pale and his fins look frayed. He acts pretty normal, so im not sure whats wrong. It looks like he has fin rot, and im not sure if it is bacterial or fungal type. I just medicated the tank for fungal, and I dont know if ive made a mistake. He is in a 10 gallon filtered and heated tank, the temperature is usually at about 78 F. I change the water every 1-2 weeks.

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  • PR
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    8 months ago

    Too much water change. In a filtered, heated tank, you only need to change 1/10 of the water each week, or 25% about each 3 weeks. It is also best if you don't have any gravel on the bottom, or use sand since you have a planted tank, and siphon off the bottom when you change water. 

    In changing too much if the water, you change the ph too drastically and the fish does not like that. Additionally, if the filter makes much flow, Bettas don't like that either. They like quiet, slow water without much movement. You could conceivably do all of the above without a filter and probably be fine.

    Feed frozen brine shrimp, only what you can actually see him eat.

    • wisteria8 months agoReport

      I change 50 percent of the water with a gravel vacuum every 1-2 weeks and the filter in the tank aerates the water, so I cant take it out. It isnt too strong for the betta

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  • 8 months ago

    bettas can lose color if they are unhappy and not getting enough light.

    • wisteria8 months agoReport

      The light is on all the time so it isnt because not enough light.. If he is unhappy I dont know why

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