got Pell Grant in 98. dropped classes-disability. Thought debt forgiven 2006. Silence since til CA just notified still owe debt!?

In 1998 during my second year at WSU I got another pell grant. But, my disability flared up. So, My advisor said to drop my classes the day I met with her to avoid being penalized, turned out she was wrong & I had dropped them 2 days early, I didn't know until I got a notice from the college telling me. At first they said I had to repay a portion of pell Grant back. After learning I had dropped cause disability had gotten worse & my Dr's didn't see me employable in foreseeable future They said I probably qualify for a forgiveness program & sent me forms. Dr. & I filled them out & submitted them. I got letter of approval. In 2001 I had to update disability status, In 2006 they asked Dr's if I'd ever be employable? Dr said no, then I got letter that read like debt had been forgiven. Have heard nothing until a few days ago when I get letter from CA saying I now owe this debt. It's been so long ago that I don't have any of the documentation or letters that made me think didn't owe this debt! Why haven't I heard anything until now?what do I do? Any advice? Does SOL apply here?

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  • 8 months ago

    Pell Grant is a Federal Program, and the State of California would NOT be contacting you about a Federal debt. Chances are, you owe the SCHOOL money. Contact whoever sent you the letter and have them explain what the debt is.

    • Kamala2 months agoReport

      I know what a pell Grant is. My issue is, for last 13+ years I thought debt had been forgiven. I've not heard out of them from 2001 until 2019 & have had same p.o. Box & cell phone all these years. School claims they've sent me notices but when asked to show them to me they can't. So what do I do? 

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