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What is the difference in sausage styles between English and Italian?

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    I can speak to this as I once lived in Italy and often visited England.

    English sausage, bangers, are a bit like American hot dogs or Frankfurters only plumper. They are wrapped in casing and they are stuffed full of meat and meat by-products, with some seasoning.

    Italian sausage is also wrapped in casing, but they are often stuffed with more than meat. Cheese is a common additive to the sausage meat and certainly ground garlic and/or pepper. Locally made sausage often had some unnamed additives, but they were universally good or great. We never asked what kind of meat there was in them.

    Bottom line...in my experience the Italian sausages were spicier than the English ones because the Italian sausages had a wider variety of stuffing to go along with the meat. Both are good though. I love bangers and eggs for breakfast for example because the Italian ones would be too spicy for my morning meals.

  • denise
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    Italian ones are usually a little spicier and the meat in them is more coarsely ground.

  • Donna
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    4 weeks ago

    Italian is more seasoned and rich.

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    The spices and the heat level.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    English taste more like breakfast and Italian taste more like herbs

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