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what part did Thailand play in ww11?

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    They collaborated with the Japanese of course. 

  • Thailand was in good ally with the British government before it was invaded by Japan. The British government sent the news to Bangkok that Japan will use Thailand as the base for attacking Malaysia and Burma, but did not send further help as they believed Thailand will fall under Japan's power. The Thai government at the time was under General Plaek Pibunsongkram's regime. Since the British did not send any help and the Thai army did resist shortly and gave up the fight and signed to ally with Japan.

    Japan wants to ally with Thailand with the bilateral relationship by giving Thailand to control its internal affairs. The Thai government was forced to declare war with The Allies Power, but there was a group of elites who did not agree with the government's decision on declaring war with other western nations and they performed underground resistance during the end of WWII. Thailand was attacked greatly by the western air forces until the war ended. Those who opposed the Thai government under General Plaek helped the Allies Power to win the war and overthrew General Plaek from the government. By that helping action, Thailand was punished a little after the war ended. After the war, Thailand lost about 7,600 lives (about 2,000 are civilians) which is quite little compared to the loss in Malaysia and Burma.

    Another fact that many do not know is that Thailand also declared war on the United States.


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    World war 11 hasn't happened yet

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    I guess you haven't heard of google? here you go. 

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    It started world war 11. They became a really evil country and kept antagonising every other country.

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