Re:Seeking full Custody in ON,Canada, need help from 14B: 1.This motion is made: ?? 2.Laws and rules on which you are relying:?


Fact: Child growing  up with me from birth,no any support from other party, does not live with us, no any response to the documents served for  child custody 

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    8 months ago

    All of this info is available on line, but much of it is copyrighted.  Your question requires hours of research.  Here's a place to start:

    I would suggest that you are foolish to attempt to seek full custody without an attorney.  If you don't understand the law and the other party does you are going to lose.  This is not meant as criticism, but it is a fact.  You cannot defend against what you don't understand.

    There are other contributing factors, such as - the age of the child; parents married or unmarried at the time of the birth; WHERE in Canada.

    Support and custody are NOT related.  Not receiving support is totally unrelated to the custody issue.  A parent who never contributed to a child's support CAN receive custody if that is in the best interest of the child.

    The next concern is WHY you are applying for "full custody."  Do you mean residential custody?  Do you mean you want to strip the other parents of any right to visit?

    You did not furnish enough info for me to make a decision regarding what sections of law apply.  You know the circumstances, and you are going to have to research using those circumstances.

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