Nicorette patch or spray?

I’m trying to quit smoking but I don’t know which one NRT to use. I’ve quit using the spray before but this time even though I use the spray I want a cigarette if I do something after 20-30 minutes. I’m used to smoke literally all day to the point I get sick. Sometimes I get really sick. Nicotine for me is a way of putting up with life. My psychiatrist recommended to use the lowest possible Nicorette Patch as I am sensitive to nicotine and get hot flashes and paranoid from too much. But what I’m worried about is what if I use the patch and get a constant craving. What will I do? Because with the spray it’s easy. But when I use the spray I need too much of it to combat cravings and I get sick. Literally 2 weeks ago I almost went through nicotine poisoning from using the spray and smoking together. What should I do? I don’t want to quit cold turkey. Please if you answer explain why,

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    I used the patches as prescribed for 3 months and the nicotine  chewing gum for the first week until I got the cravings under control.

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