Is electromechanical components the same thing as electronic components?

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    Not the same. 

    A switch, a transformer, a relay, a light bulb are examples of electrical components. Something with vacuum tubes (from decades ago) is electronic. Something with solid state junctions (generally germanium or silicon) like a diode, a transistor or an integrated circuit is electronic. 

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    The first kind handles electricity and has moving mechanical parts.  Second kind, no moving mechanical parts.

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    No. solid state parts are electronic but electro-mechanical parts have a moving mechanism like a switch, motor, relay, wind turbine...etc.

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    No. For something to be classed as "electronic" it must include active semiconductor devices such as transistors or integrated circuits.

    (Or technically valves/tubes which form an active part - though that's then no longer  "solid state" electronics).

    Passive components such as resistors, diodes and capacitors do not count.

    Electromechanical includes such as motors, solenoids, generators etc. - things that use electrical power to control mechanical motion, or generate power from mechanical motion.

    Some things are both - eg. a radio control model "servo" combines an electromechanical system with electronics to control the motor.

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    no. electromechanical components are things like relays, solenoids, motors, etc. that have an electric and mechanical component

    electronic components are purely electronic, no mechanical component. 

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