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Starbucks ex employee HELP!! (Getting rehired)?

I use to work at a Starbucks. I worked there for approximately 3 months before I quit. That was Jan-March. I re-applied to Starbucks but this time at the store in my town. I have an interview set for this Friday but I have a big problem. On my current application I stated that I have worked for Starbucks in the past. So I’m sure they’re gonna ask me why I quit and more than likely contact my old manger being said that the store I use to work at is only 10 min away from the one in my town. My manager and I had an okay relationship she was pretty chill and we never had any problems. I was a pretty fast learner good customer service skills and never got complaints from my Store manager. I quit because the girls at my job were always into drama. (I’m a female as well) at first they were nice but then they began to exclude me side eye me make remarks and the longer I worked there the worse it got. One of my shift managers would get in your face about everything. Whether you forgot to do something or got an order wrong or didn’t know how to do something in particular she would get in your face ask you why and not let you explain. During our rushes she would get pretty aggressive and lash out. 

I was washing the blenders while she was making fraps next to me after she would finish she would throw the lids at me to wash them (literally THROW) and she almost hit me with one. My manger would tell me that the reviews on yelp for their store were lies especially about this specific 


shift manger but now I know they weren’t “lies”

that same day I quit and no I didn’t leave a 2 weeks notice which I’m pretty sure is gonna hurt my chances of getting hired again. I knew for a fact they weren’t gonna believe me and think I was just being “dramatic” I didn’t want to be involved in the drama so lift without giving my SM the real reason.

 My old location was already busy enough and having to put up with unnecessary drama everyday was super draining. So I just need help on what to 

Update 2:

to say I know I cant Say what actually happened. When I resigned on my letter I just put that I had personal problems/family problems something a long those lines. I know my chances of getting hired at Starbucks 

are pretty low but I’m desperate for a job and willing to give anything a shot. BTW I actually liked the job my female co workers just made it unbearable. And the place was a mess sticky, dirty. The self serve bar messy trash over flowing and fruit flies in the pastry case. 

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    You never, never, never say to a prospective employer that you left a previous job because you didn't get along with the other employees. They will see you as the problem. You say that you left to go to school, or because your school schedule at the time didn't allow you enough time to work, but now things have changed. 

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    starbucks is a company that will NOT rehire anyone for ANY reason. in fact they and UPS are among the most notorious companies that do this

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      There has been a handful of rehires for sbux 

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    If I were you I would make a bunch of fake accounts in order to downvote the heck out of that Starbucks.  In the comments section mention "the nice girl" that used to work there back in Jan-March and mention how horrible everyone else was.  Then during the interview you can casually tell the person to check the yelp reviews because of "XY" reasons.  Bang, instantly hired

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