help on calculating production of a grader for concrete paving?

A grader will be used to prepare the road prior to concrete paving. The work will require the following: - 

 - Two passes in first gear to remove ruts.- Two passes in second gear to level the road.- Three passes fourth gear to shape the road. Efficiency. Factor 75%1st gear- 2.1mph2nd gear- 3.6mph3rd gear- 4.4 mph4th gear- 6.7 mpha. Estimate the total time requirement for this task.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Assume the road is 10 miles long

    time for a pass in first gear = 10 miles / 2.1 mile/hr

    time for a pass in first gear = 10 miles / 3.6 mile/hr

    Continue for the calculation in 4th gear.

    Plus time if you have to include that to turn around and get ready for the next pass.

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