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I'm a father of a 15-year-old son and he recently started playing a shooting game what should I do I hear video games cause violence ?

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    Nothing. Video games do not cause violence.

    Unfortunately, many people are pushing the narrative that they do.

    If, however, your son is already showing violent tendencies or begins to, you should take the video games away to avoid fueling fantasies of murder.

    HOWEVER, that sort of thing is not natural. Many teens recognize the game is just that- a game- and do things in those video games that they would never do in real life, simply because it's how you play the game and they enjoy it.

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    Bets it's GTA V or/and GTA Online 

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    Nothing. These games have been a craze among kids and teens and becoming a crazed maniac is not heard of. It is not natural. There are no cases of this happening and there is no scientific evidence of this ever happening. BUT you need to monitor your son's playtime. What is proven and can sometimes be miss-classified as violence from content is an addiction, I know it sounds like it can't happen with video games but it can, there are several stories of this happening. Have a nice day!!

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    Go now, buy a couple guns and take him out and teach him how to hunt for his food.

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    I think they cause violence because I started playing mario kart and it made me stab my dog

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    I think that it is far more likely that someone playing a violent video game will whack someone with whom they are playing with a controller or the whole console than they will go out an do violence to others, but if someone has the mindset to do harm to others, the games may give them a "disassociation" between his acts and the consequences. You know your son better than any of us. Do you or his mother harm others? Is he prone to harming others? I can tell you that the countries that have the most violent video games, but good adherence to authority have very low violent crime. How does your son respond to authority? If he follows rules well (and you make reasonable ones), no worries. If he rebels every time you have him take out the garbage, maybe video games aren't such a great idea.... Good luck!

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    It is time to have a good father-son talk.  Make it go for a few sessions.  Your son is NOT an adult.  His brain still is not fully formed and he isn't likely to make good adult decisions enough to be on his own.  He needs to understand the difference between the fantasy of the game and real life.  There are too many 15-year-old kids that have problems with that.  A few do start to act on the fantasy.  Don't let your son be one of those.

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    Handcuff him to it. It'll adsorb him and you'll be rid of a burden that will be a monkey on you back the rest of your life.

    Buy a cat and train that to be your son.

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    Shoot him so then he cannot cause violence towards anyone. 

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    I've seen and done much research in my spare time about whether video games cause violence, and really there isn't much of an exact answer. Many people says that they do cause violence, and many say that they don't cause violence. In my opinion, video games do not cause violence because after all, it is just a game. And really, it mainly depends on the person playing the game (because of mental issues and other stuff) and what type of game they are playing. It all depends on how the player's mind works. If they see violence and want to repeat it, then take the game away from them or make them play less graphic/violent (no blood and sfx) games that are around their age group. As long as you watch over them from time to time to see the game that they're playing while seeing if their behavior has changed then you should completely take the game from them and introduce them to another genre of game. Like RPG's, Sidescrollers, and even Free-Roaming games like Minecraft. If they want a good fright (and can handle it), then introduce them to the horror genre of games. So, what I think that you should do if you hear that video games cause violence is that you should allow your kid to try/test out the game and see how they react and see if your child has received negative or positive impacts due to what they do/see/hear in the game. If your child has a positive impact, then allow him to play it while still watching him from time to time. If your child has a negative impact, then allow him to play less violent video games or introduce him to a new genre like I said and if that doesn't work, take the game away from him completely and give it back to him when hes a bit older.

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    obviously take his computer or gaming console, pour water over it, and throw it in the trash.  kill all his internet activity, and lock him indoors. 

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