My mom slapped me in front of everyone? Should I call the police on her?

I'm a 14-year-old girl who loves food, music, sports and video games. I have brown hair and blue eyes. My parents make a lot of money so we are well off. I have two older brothers (21 and 18) and one older sister (16). Everything in my life was perfect until November 3. 

It was Saturday and the funeral of my mother's mother. As I was bored, I took my phone and started to play games. When my mom told me to put it away, I replied "whatever". I was in the middle of the game and had to concentrate.

A few minutes later, my mom suddenly took my phone out of my hands and smashed it. I got so mad and called her a b*itch and told her to go f*uck herself. The first one was for taking my phone while I was playing and the second one was for smashing it. She lost it and slapped me across the face as hard as she could. I cried and covered my left eye and cheekbone because it hurt so bad. My dad came to hug and console me while my mom called me a spoiled and disrespectful brat. 

We got home and my mom made meals for everyone but me. My dad ended up having to take me out for dinner. When we were in the car, I told him my mom was out of order hitting me and I'll never forgive her.

This was the first time I got slapped. I know I was wrong to play games on my phone at a funeral, but that doesn't mean she can slap me. She literally assaulted me in front of hundreds of people.

Should I call the police on her?


I meant November 2, not November 3.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    This is a troll posting! The same question was posted a few days ago, with a few differences in the story. That time pretending to be a father witnessing the event, and this time pretending to be the daughter who got slapped. I think this poster just likes to see the reactions. Here's the previous posting:

  • 4 weeks ago

    I would have done worse than slap you if I was your mom. You’re pretty much a narcissistic little cu-I mean brat :) It’s pretty obvious since the first thing you were concerned about is what you’ve mentioned in the first paragraph. You deserved to get your *** whooped. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    OH poor you, you were being a disrespectful BRAT at your grandmother's funeral and now you are humiliated.   Try thinking of your parents instead of being self centered and thinking of you.  After you never forgive  your mother for making you respected her mothers funeral and you need somebody in your life you can whine because its her fault.  Go GROW UP.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    your such a brat! your mother is right. You may not be in pain but your MOTHER is obviously chattered, especially a brat like urself on the phone PLAYING GAMES. She should have whooped that *** as well.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I would have kicked you in your throat 

  • 4 weeks ago

    I'm sorry for your situation. You were out of line, but your mom shouldn't have slapped you. It was probably out of character for her. You said it was her mother's funeral, so she was probably not well in control of her emotions at that time. I think you can be the hero of this story. When you are ready, you can say: "Mom, I'm sorry for what happened at the funeral, and I forgive you for slapping me." and give her a hug. If she doesn't respond well, give her more time. If she threatens you, report the slap to your school counselor and, if needed, the police. If it is too soon for a face to face, put the words in a note. Keep it short and simple.

    • -3 weeks agoReport

       @Almost_Never2789 No we weren’t because most have us have learned to have empathy and have grown attached to our loved ones, unlike this narcissistic sociopath.

  • 4 weeks ago

    That person is a troll. There is another story where the father is telling this from his perspective and now the girl.  There is the funeral story again, breaking the phone and slapping her face.  It is just a ruse,  game.  It is stupid.   

    • Judith
      Lv 5
      2 weeks agoReport

      Love this calling someone a troll.  "Chae-won" is sometimes single.  Other times she has a husband.  Other times it's a boyfriend.  And she's calling someone else a troll?  Laughable!

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    If I were your mother then I would have: smashed your phone, slap you, and send you to bed without eating supper.

    I agree with what your mother did, and not your father. I would have done the same thing as your mother, but I would not hit you since I am a male. Because if I were to hit you, then I think you would start to cry, and I might hurt you real bad.

    I would punish you in a different way instead of me hitting you.

    I think what you did was very disrespectful, and you deserved what your mother did to you.

    I find it interesting that you think you are well off. Your parents are well off. NOT YOU!!!

    You said "My parents make a lot of money so we are well off." You never said I make a lot of money.

    I agree with what your mother said to you. You are spoiled, and a disrespectful brat.

  • 4 weeks ago

    You would call the police for what,you are not a baby and you should have know that even if you don't care you represent your parents,have a good behaviour ,respect them.

    Your mother will always be your mother.

    • Edna
      Lv 7
      4 weeks agoReport

      I agree. There is no law in any state that prevents a parent from smacking his kid. However, there is a law against a parent BEATING his kid. Smacking and beating aren't the same thing.

  • 4 weeks ago

    kill your mother

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