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Is Magellan a criminal in the Philippines similar to Christopher Columbus and other white colonizers?

All I know about Magellan was he is known to travel in places like the Philippines centuries ago. And that one of his purpose was to spread Christianity there. He also collaborated to native Filipinos like Rajah Humabon (although questionable existence) and Datu Zila in order to fight against another Filipino named Lapu Lapu, to which Magellan was killed by this person in the end.

But apart from these facts, was Magellan also a criminal by doing acts like discrimination and genocide among Filipino natives? I have not seen any findings (yet) but I can be convinced if yhere are some facts about it.

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    Well colonisation in itself wasn't seen as a criminal act back then in the 1500s, of course we all know today that it was absolutely wrong to go take other peoples land and enforce your culture and beliefs upon the native people, do the Filipinos view Magellan as a bad man, i would say its a mix, some hold on to the idea of this distinctive western connection as a outliner in Southeast Asia, western ancestry is still viewed by many Filipinos as a positive brag worthy thing, while others dislike the west, particularly the U.S who has set up military bases and the Americans walk around with an arrogance that even i as a western guy (not American) get riled up by, Duterte is pushing this mindset too !K-Pop culture might still push the White skin ideal, but not the Caucasian face.However, over all Filipinos mostly view the west and the U.S in particular in a positive light, they are mostly a welcoming people to outsiders, Pacquiao has also gave the ordinary Malay featured Pinoy a hero who looks like them as aposed to the usual Tisoy worship trend, a man of 5ft 5" with a flatter nose, almond shaped eyes and peanut butter coloured skin, he could be the local scramble seller, tricycle driver etc..he enspires the average Pinoy which is cool, Mestizos are part of the Philippines but are a minority and shouldn't be the majority on Philippine TV screens.

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  • 7 months ago

    I recently went to the Statue of Lapu Lapu at Lapu Lapu City Mactan Shrine Mactan Island.

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  • John
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    8 months ago

    Desperate for points, eh?

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