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Should I quit my job?

I started working at this restaurant 2 weeks ago.The issue is that the amount of tips I am getting does not equal the amount of labor I am putting in.I feel like they over staff servers and I am doing side work 2 hours past my time.They say the time the put on schedule is a estimate but I been staying way past my time.Today I made only $20 for 6 hour shift.Thats so bad and the day before I made only $6 for 4 hours.It is not a busy restaurant.Its bad that everyone takes double shifts just to make a decent amount of cash.I feel like they have to many servers and not enough people coming in.I don’t want to quit cuz I’m in college and need a culinary intern for experience since I am in the diploma range but I feel like driving up there to make $10 is a waste of time.Also if I am paying for books there is no way I will come up with the money for that.I get Finacial aid but don’t pay for everything.I rather just take a check job so I know I will get paid decent money than pocket change.

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    depends what your needing a culinary internship for. i went to culinary school and an internship was mandatory to graduate we had to put in 250 hours in 1 semester by this time of year/class we had to take it was your last year as the school wouldn't allow anyone to do so for school reasons with grades and overwhelming students. 

    i opted for a paid internship. i didn't want to take 1 class which was about 2 hours once a week with nothing else since at the time i finished all my classes but this one so i had an open schedule and wanted to start working. found a few paid internships that the school allowed me to work at ( it had to be a legit restaurant in the field it couldn't be like a fast food job it had to be some sort of cooking job at any restaurant but nothing super basic that would teach you nothing in your field ) 

    pay wasn't amazing but i got paid $12 an hour working full time + tips. after my internship i left that restaurant as like you it was over staffed in the front and dead. we'd make about 1-5 lunch orders only and less then 30 dinner orders per night which isn't a lot. tips weren't amazing but it was paid so yea. my 1st internship place i wanted to go was far with no parking and wasn't paid so in the end i had to opt for something that paid. 

    imo find another job dead ones like this that are over staffed constantly outside of holidays are not worth it. it's worse when you are understaffed and busy but that means you can get Overtime and more hours where as here you take what you can get or get screwed. try to find something that pays but also let them know it's an internship for X degree for us many people interned at restaurants in the hospitality field that had a hard time getting into hotels. 

    sadly for me i was not allowed to leave we had to stick to our internship through the entire 250 hours but because i was working full time that was fast. the chef was old school though swore at you called me a dumb fker etc.. which yes is verbal abuse but the owners did not care thus i left. the chef seemed sorry after knowing the fact i was leaving but in reality it is a stressful field you can't take your anger out on employee's like that. i've seen a LOT of chefs do that like yea it's stressful and expected in this field but it isn't right to treat people that way in general on a professional level especially with that status in the job. 

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    If your tips don't bring you up to the regular (not tipped) minimum wage your employer is legally required to make up the difference.

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    Be happy that they even give you the tips. They don't have to and many restaurants do not give the tips to the servers. Some share them equally among all staff, including the chef. STOP complaining. If you are earning at least minimum wage, then you are being paid appropriately for your work.  If you quit, you will earn ZERO.  Your complaint is the pay.  Would you prefer zero, or what you are earning?

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    Yes, the main point of a job is to earn money, if you aren't earning anything than you are just wasting your time

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