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Desired wage/ salary?

Hi there, I’m applying for a job at Cinnabon as a crew member and I don’t know what to put for the desired wage section of the application. I am planning on leaving it blank until the interview (it’s an open interview) but I don’t think I’ll have a desired wage by then. If you have worked at Cinnabon, what was the hourly wage you got? Thank you. 

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    leave it blank. they typically will disregard it anyways. unless you are skilled af and can prove it for a good job thats typically salaried then they can negotiate it to what you desire. for cinnabon though you will likely get minimum or slightly above minimum for now. and HOPEFULLY they give you a raise if your doing well after your probation period which i believe is typically 3 weeks. for me as a line cook i don't see a raise until maybe 1 year but thats because despite my experience i usually get a higher starting pay if i were to start low say minimum then yes i could expect a raise after probation. 

    you also need to factor in business. if business is dead take that into consideration with your pay. if it's busy same thing. i left a job where it was dead then got busy but yet my pay stayed the same for a LONG time and it was minimum which is $10.10 here i could work harder jobs for more pay which i wanted was just higher pay especially since i did the job fast. outside of that though you really shouldn't expect much. 

    when asked during interviews i typically tell them i leave it up to you and would rather work my way up because 1. employer doesn't know my work ethics/skills 2. i can't be too cocky about my experience as different jobs require different sets of skills regardless it's the same field. i work as a cook each restaurant/job i work at is totally different. i just started my new job yesterday it's all about bulk i don't work with bulk typically cause i usually work as a line cook which is you make what you need for the day and carry over left over to tomorrow you don't over prep or under prep but with this place you have to over prep just to keep up with demands 

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    The job pays minimum wage to start as do most similar jobs. Leave it blank. You are not getting $25 an hour by asking for it.

  • 9 months ago

    Just put the minimum wage of your state. They're not likely going to pay you more than that.

  • Damien
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    9 months ago

    9 dollars per hour

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  • 9 months ago

    It's food service and likely pays the legal minimum wage where ever you are.

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