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I feel lonely even though I have a few "close friends" and I know why but I'm scared?

 A little background info, this is a good point in my life. I have two close friends I help with their mental health and share the same humor and interests. But, I often find myself subconsciously closing myself off and not sharing my feeling because I know it will only make them even more sad and they don't need that extra weight. They have valid reasons to be depressed, and I feel wrong for being depressed when I have it so much better. But I can't help it, I can't open up with someone no one I know would understand this. I know I should get help, but I have a very strong feeling it won't even work, and my family doesn't have the budget for healthcare. I am always empathetic and as kind as possible even when I'm upset, yet whenever I am visably upset it just causes others to make fun of me or shame me for not being comfortable opening up. (Like when I was obviously visably upset and when I told my close friend I couldn't talk about it, she mocked me saying, "are you contemplating life like you always do" and rolled her eyes and dismissed me.) How do I cope with this eternal feeling of depression and loneliness? Is there even any way to get rid of it? Just so you know I have been dealing with loneliness 3 years, depression 4 years. I am twelve, almost thirteen. I have tried all coping techniques, giving others slack for not being perfect, being kind, telling myself I'm okay and bit alone, but it always comes back. Please help.

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    Loneliness is a feeling and can be caused by negative entities. Best way to remove the negativity is to do meditation. Go to youtube, search for a meditation song and breath in and out and mentally think that your negativity or loneliness feelings are getting removed and soon enough they will he removed. You can even bring positive energy by meditating.

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    If you can talk to a guidance counsellor at school.

    They can recommend someone.

  • Pearl
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    4 weeks ago

    maybe you should get some counseling, it might help you out

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Teenage and pre teen years can be lonely. I think a lot of people struggle during this time in their life. I wish I could say it gets easier but honestly I don't know if it does. You should tell your parents or another adult how you feel, maybe they will take you to see a counselor, maybe they won't. Is there a counselor at school you can talk to if you can't for whatever reason talk to your parents? Your friends should ideally support you and be there to listen to you but I know at that age that's not always the case.

    I actually struggled with depression when I was your age and my biggest regret is not getting help sooner before it spiraled into other types of mental illness that last a lifetime. If I knew what I know now, I wouldn't be ashamed to talk to people about my depression and feelings and ask for help. I know as a teenager/preteen it can be really hard and you can feel like everyone is judging you and sometimes, perhaps they are but a lot of your peers are probably going through some of the same struggles as you are.

    • Erretsu4 weeks agoReport

      I'll most likely get told I have friends (two friends) who love me, teachers who are proud of me (I am very intelligent, I almost use work to vent, as well as music) and that my thoughts are stupid. I know they are. But I can't stop them, I always feel alone no matter how many people like me

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  • Ramona
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    4 weeks ago

    You need a boyfriend. It's like magic, everything that once bothered you or had a hold on you all disappears.

    • Ramona
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      You have ideas about dating that are negative. You want to find a nice boyfriend who's sweet to you. You don't have to have sex to have a boyfriend. Well, during dating, you don't have sex. A boyfriend or dating is not the same attention that friends give you, it's special and melts your worry away.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    You can’t expect your friend, I presume another 12 year old, to understand what you are going through unless them themselves have gone through a similar situation and even then, they may not care as most people only care about themselves. You need to talk to an adult, being depressed for 4 years and only being 12 isn’t normal

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