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I want to support my family business but it’s expensive?

My sister has a shop where she does massages. I want to support her by booking but it’s expensive and I don’t want be “that person” that’s asks for a discount. What should I do?

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    If you can't afford it then don't go. If she is good at what she does her business will grow without your help.

  • Jay
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    11 months ago

    Ask her if you can 'earn' a free massage for every 10 people you send in. If she says YES, then get yourself some cheap business cards from Vista Print, put the name of the salon, your name and tel them to give it when they get in the salon. Your sister will save the get a free massage every 10 customers you send in...and SHE gets 10 new customers!

  • Judith
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    11 months ago

    Do not do anything you can't afford. Regardless of what it is or who it is for. If it comes up just tell her you wish you could afford to have massages but you can't. It would be one thing if you've always had them then you could switch over to her, but you haven't. You have nothing to feel guilty about. She's made a business decision and she'll either sink or swim and I don't think your having massages or not having massages will impact her business one way or the other.

  • Pearl
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    11 months ago

    wait till you can afford it and then do it

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  • 11 months ago

    You can support them by occasionally FOR FREE answering phones, taking care of mail, doing errands. Not everything is about money

  • 11 months ago

    Decide on how many you can afford in one year and only go that many times in one year. You can also ask her if she has a family plan where you pay an annual fee and can get X number of massages for it. Some Dentists, Chiropractors and other physicians have such plans.

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