Can I change the ship of my booked cruise without cancelling?

I booked the Carnival Breeze for December 2020. I have paid the deposit and one month of the EasyPay. I was looking into doing the Carnival Mardi Gras. It leaves one day earlier but will Carnival allow me to change it or would I need to cancel it and re-book? Any thoughts on the Carnival Breeze? Is it a good ship? I've done research but not sailing on the newest ship is giving me doubts. It will be my boyfriends and mine first vacation together so I really want him to like it especially since he has never cruised before. I also have purchased the travel protection through Carnival. Please and thank you for all the help!

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    7 months ago
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    No you can't rebook it without fully canceling it.  Don't overthink things too much.  Realistically it's not that old of a ship and they do a good job at maintaining it.  As your boyfriend has nothing to compare it to he will likely love it assuming he gets his sea legs.

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    Typically, as long as you are rebooking within the same company, there is no problem moving your deposit.  When I say "company", I'm referring to the company as a whole, for instance, Royal Caribbean owns Celebrity and Azamara.  Carnival owns Princess.  I had booked a Royal Caribbean cruise, then redirected my deposit to a Celebrity cruise.  

    Keep in mind, if the cruise you are changing to is more expensive, you will be responsible for the difference.  Further, if you took advantage of any special offers (complementary drinks, on board credit, etc), and that promotion is no longer available, you may lose such perks. 

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  • 7 months ago

    Why don't you contact Carnival and ask them? It doesn't matter what anyone here says about it. If Carnival doesn't normally do that, they aren't going to do it for you just because someone on yahoo answers told you they will.

    The Carnival Breeze will be 8 years old by June of 2020. Ships are not like smartphones or cheap shoes that get outdated or wear out in a year or two or three. Ships last many years. A large cruise line will probably keep its ships for 20 to 30 years before selling them to a smaller cruise line which will run them another 5 to 15 years and then probably sell them for still another use. There have been boats or ships that stayed in service for 100 years, though that long is rather unusual.

    If he has never cruised before, he isn't going to know the difference between a brand new ship and an 8 year old ship.

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  • 7 months ago

    i would just call them up and ask them if you can change it

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