Alex asked in PetsFish · 9 months ago

Is this a good stocking option for a 44 rectagular gallon?

6 congo tetras

1 ctenopoma

1 African butterflyfish

2 kribs

1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    I would go with 9 congo tetra. you will end up losing one sooner or later and you dont want to immediatly fall into the "too small a school " catagory.

    I dont know about the bush fish, things that I read on line about agression and feeding have kept me from getting one.

    I had a butterfly fish, he refused all foods other then live crickets that I often had to hold in place because they were faster swimmers them him. be aware that it is comman to have to feed them live crikets.

    the kribs are ok, except I dont know how they will do with the bush fish.

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