What is better option for going on a cruise?

I currently live in Niceville, FL. My boyfriend and I are sailing on the Carnival Breeze in December 2020. We are debating on flying or driving to the port. This will be our first cruise by ourselves without family so I have no idea. The drive would be almost 10 hours not including stops. The flight is only around 2 hours. Is it worth the extra money? The amount it would take us to drive is the cost of one ticket so around $350 including gas and food round trip. The $350 does not include the price of the hotel for the night before we get on the boat and the night we arrive back in port. When would be the best time to fly in; morning of or night before?Thanks!

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  • 3 weeks ago

    It's always best to arrive a day ahead of time.  You can never account for flight delays or cancellations, or traffic, if there is a weather event.  Have you joined up with the roll call for your sailing on Cruise Critic.com?  It's a great way to "pre-meet" people prior to the cruise.  Very often, we will arrange to meet people for dinner the night before the cruise.  We've made a lot of "cruise buddies" this way. If you hit it off, you can arrange to dine with them on the ship. 

    Cruise as a couple is fun, but connecting with other people can really enhance your cruise.  Veteran cruisers can provide insights and information you might others miss out on. 

    As for driving vice flying, it depends on how you want to spend your vacation time.  I am not a fan of spending hours traveling to the port, so we generally fly.  On the other hand, its a 16 hour drive for us to get to Miami or Lauderdale. There are northeast cruise ports that are anywhere from 90 minutes to 4 hours away from us.  I'll drive to them. 

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