Toddler fever and after symptoms of pressure in sinus.?

My 3 and a half year old just woke up burning up one day and 3 or 4 days later the fever broke. The dr. Said it was a common childhood illness 'fever rash' or 'b(#s)' <---- that's the one I can't recall the name to. 

During the fever she slept and wasn't fussy but just gave in to her body and rested. With help of medicine. 

But now her illness has gotten better after her fever broke. Or so i thought. Her nose started running and she started waking up sucking it all in deeply until it made no liquid noise. And she continues to do this each time. I tried teaching her to blow out her nose like she blew out her mouth. Just blow the air OUT. She kept going in. Now she is fussing like she wasn't with the fever. She sleep with a double stitched imitation fur blanket. But the air is cold in the room she sleeps in. I constantly wake up to recover her but her face is vulnerable to the constant cold. I can't tell if her nose bleeds because she sucks it all in. Now that we've met this result from her sucking her nose deep instead of out...

What should I do for her because she feels pain and sensitivity. She is fussy and can't communicate other than cry in irritation and anger. 

Also she is lethargic, and hasn't been energetic. Some signs of sinusitis. Should I refer back to the emergency room or can I help her at home? 

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  • 8 months ago

    Children do not have many of the sinuses developed yet, so it’s more congestion, possibly ears or something else. You don’t need the ER BY the sound of it, see your pediatrician.

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  • Kerri
    Lv 4
    9 months ago

    If her nose is now stuffy/stopped up then she’s likely tired/lethargic from not sleeping well. Mouth breathing usually leads to lots of waking up at night due to dry mouth and throat. To help clear her nose you can use nasal saline drops or saline wash and put a humidifier in her room. You can use warm compressed on her forehead to help with sinus pain and help it more easily drain. You may want to return to her doctor though to have her ears checked. Kids with colds or stuffy/runny noses often end up with ear infections and your child may need antibiotics.

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  • 9 months ago

    Sniffing is more likely to lead to an ear infection than sinus problems in a child.

    They can be very painful and need treatment.

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