Will John Bercow stop so called meaningful vote? Tories had a chance on Saturday - did they run out of energy after working 1st Sat in years?

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  • 7 months ago
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    He should do - the wording is slightly different but it's essentially the same proposal and should technically not be readmitted during this session of Parliament! Bercow's probably got the integrity and the balls to deny it another go!

    And they didn't run out of steam on Saturday - Boris just wanted to get home for a few glasses of wine and a good shag!

    ............And Strictly Come Dancing of course!

    ............And a very large, hostile crowd outside Parliament might have had something to do with it!

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  • Biff
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    7 months ago

    The parliamentary rules he administers prevented Theresa May from submitting to a vote a deal she had previously submitted, or one very like it, so I assume that will happen to Johnson's attempt.

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  • 7 months ago

    Ultimately , this parliament has no intention of agreeing a compromise Brexit that does not maintain an "open " border with the EU.

    Whether that's "right or wrong", in relation to the Referendum result, doesn't so much matter as this parliament having the guts to do its job -- and decide.

    And then MP's should face their constituency electorates for the decision they made

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    • hoarseman
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      7 months agoReport

      But ultimately it reflects what we expect of our MPs in a Representative democracy -- for them to do ,what in their judgement ,they think is right for the country -- and not simply what is right for their electorate or their careers .

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