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How much can one learn about science, right here in the Religion & Spirituality section?

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    Well, in this section, there is a lot of talk about evolutionism. I guess this is the right place, because evolutionism is NOT science; it is a RELIGION.

    • We have the same evidence. You guys interpret that same evidence with the worldview that a dot of nothing exploded and created everything; and rocks that were rained on for millions o’ years became soup, and the soup came alive. Soo... Grandpa was soup. That’s one silly RELIGION you got there.

  • Mintee
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    1 month ago

    if you read the Quran.. the scientific facts in the Quran, you will learn about science

  • Joe
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    1 month ago

    Not very much at all.

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    How long do deer lactate?

    Fawns can be completely weaned and survive without milk by 10 weeks of age (2½ months), but does often wean them at 12 to 16 weeks (3 to 4 months). It's not uncommon for hunters to see a May or June born fawn still nursing, or attempting to, in October (20-plus weeks).

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  • If you are here, you can learn with our Bible school of Christians, if you go to the palace of scientists, remember that most of them believe in a Creator, namely God!

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    How often and how easily people are fooled by it.

    For example, it used to be that herpetologists all told us that it was the bacteria in the saliva of Komodo Dragons that poisoned their prey.  They were ALL wrong.  We now know the reptiles have a venomous bite.

    Many if not most athee-evos in the forum believe hook, line and sinker whatever anyone in a white lab coat tells them.  Fortunately there are people in this forum who can straighten them out about how mainstream science really works.

  • I've actually learned a lot here just researching about how wrong creationists usually are about literally everything

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    Nothing, really, at least not reliably. You may see some scientific information, but then there is also misinformation here as well. If you see an idea put forward here, you need to go to a proper scientific source to check it. That said, I have seen good science presented here that I was not aware of before.

  • Cogito
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    1 month ago

    Science is a huge and very general area.

    If a question or an answer interested you, you could go on to research it yourself  but nothing written here could be relied upon 100%.

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     NOW what would U like to know?

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