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Is Kofi Kingston now a hall of fame headliner?

Easily was hall of fame worthy even before his WWE title victory but do you think he will headline his class when the day comes?

Also do you think he will experience world title success ever again?

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  • Candle
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    10 months ago
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    He'll definitely get in, but I don't know if he'll be the headliner. On one hand, he's done something historically monumental by becoming the first African born world champion in WWE history. Likewise, as a team New Day have been a bankable and consistent act. I wouldn't be surprised if nostalgists in the future look fondly upon their battles with the Usos in the same way old school fans now are beholden to the Rock n' Roll Express vs Midnight Express. Is all of that enough to be a headliner? Well, if Ron Simmons has proven anything it's that being the first African-American world champion of a company and being part of a fairly successful tag team and faction isn't exactly first ballot material in the WWE's eyes. The same could be said of Booker T, perhaps even more so than Simmons in some respects.

    I don't think he'll be a class headliner. As devoid of moments and star power as WWE is in this current era, New Day will never be taken seriously by the higher ups no matter how much money they make for the company or how much effort they put into their matches. Leading into your second question, I also believe that Kofi will never get the world title again considering how he lost the belt. Brock chumped him out. I hate the word 'burial' being thrown around in the IWC willynilly, but in 2019 it's taken more than one F-5 to put away other opponents after a hard fought match. Kofi ate one move in his match with Brock, it happened to be the F-5, and he lost. Maybe they expect us to forget, or maybe the Kofi experiment is over, but either way I don't think he'll ever compete at a main event level again, much less win a brand title.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    No. Not in the slightest.

    His world title reign was one of the worsts.

    Should of been Big E

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Anyone who has ever held the WWE championship is HOF worthy. 

  • Hector
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    10 months ago

    Yes he is. Longest reigning tag champ ever. First Black man to win the belt that dates back to Bruno. Won all the other belts too

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  • succor
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    10 months ago

    Yes and no.

    If he went in this year no, but based on his age he may go in in 8-10 years time, so at that point he's an obvious headliner.

    I do not think Kofi will ever become World Champion again, he had his chance but never rose to the level necessary, even in storyline terms.

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