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What is religion?

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    Definition: A form of worship. It includes a system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices; these may be personal, or they may be advocated by an organization. Usually religion involves belief in God or in a number of gods; or it treats humans, objects, desires, or forces as objects of worship. Much religion is based on human study of nature; there is also revealed religion. There is true religion and false.

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    There is true And false religion. In considering the matter of true religion, many persons might first think of what Jesus taught and did. But before we examine that, let us give some attention to the first book of the Bible, Genesis. Persons earth wide are familiar with what it says about Adam and Eve. Simple as that account may seem, it is a key place to look in searching for identifying marks of true religion. God thus indicated his right to determine what is good and what is bad. Adam was not left to work out by painful trial and error what was good and what was bad or what was the right or the wrong religion. The Creator also made a woman, Eve, and presented her to Adam as a permanent mate. We read: “That is why a man will leave his father and his mother and he must stick to his wife and they must become one flesh.” (Gen. 2:24) Now, in our seeking to identify true religion we can learn much from this well-known account.

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    any and all of the following things:

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    Man's attempt to reach God by "good" works, which God considers as filthy menstrual rags.

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    A real life social construct.

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    I would say its a rigid set of regulations and moral codes established in a cosmic tale

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    Religion was originally created to explain complex natural phenomena without access to scientific information and knowledge of proper cause and effect relationships.

    It later became incorporated into the system of morality when humans reckoned that certain types of sexual behaviors caused the crops to fail or entering a temple with dirty feet could trigger an eclipse.

    These ancient beliefs of improper cause and effect relationships were so powerful, that capital punishment became the standard measure for all rule breakers since eating the wrong type of animal could trigger a famine or wearing mixed fabrics could mean a defeat in battle. Thus, using religion to control the masses began.

    For thousands of years since, religion was as powerful as the king and all laws centered around superstitions that were mandated by a priest who used various tools of fear like oracle bones, astrology and human and animal sacrifices. Due to this conjoined relationship with the kings, all political activity, law enforcement and even war was often under the precursor of strong religious agendas.

    But as scientific knowledge began to grow, the priests gradually lost their effective control and a man-to-man police system emerged. The first police system appeared in ancient China around 700BC. Rome followed with a partial police system that was mostly used to serve officials. Today, law enforcement is strictly based on proper cause and effect relationships and no longer under the whims of a priest whose ignorance and superstitions were once used as the bedrock of social behavior.

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    unfounded beliefs based on mythology usually organised by a leadership that claims specialist knowledge or ability

    supported by untestable claims and laws preventing challenges to authority

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    Like this SHYT the roman catholic church has CREATED for mankind and CALL it Christianity!

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