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Is there anyway that I can safely obstruct an ugly unsightly wall heat radiator which protrudes from my living room wall?

I live in a warm climate . Arizona. So I plan on using little to no heat in the fall and winter months.

Is it safe for me to cover this ugly vent with a decorative cloth or tapestry of some sort?

I told my mom about this idea, and she thought it may be a hazard or a fire safety risk.

Because typically nothing should obstruct a heat vent, because if heat started blowing out of the vent and there is something in front of it, there could be a fire.



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    As you have already learned, blocking the heat could be a hazzard. However, that said, it might be possible to cover it with a louvered panel, which would give you the look you want as well as allowing the heat to move when it needs to. Shop around for an aluminum panel which would not be flammable itself, and allow for decorating (like paint)

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    covering a vent is dangerous.

    Source(s): house burned down
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    You should never obstruct the vent unless the source is 100% turned off. That means kill the pilot light and/or unplug it. Don't rely on the thermostat to not kick in. It is a danger if the hot air is blocked everywhere and cannot get out.

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    Sure. Put up whatever you want... BUT ... if it gets cold and you need the heat, take it down while you run the heater. So, when you hang the obstruction, make sure you do it in a way that is easy to remove temporarily. For example, hang it from a decorative curtain rod with clamp rings.

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    In the olden days people covered their fireplaces when not in use during the summer months with a screen. You could adapt the same idea and remove the screen when you want to use the heater. Alternatives make up a decorative grille such as you get for radiator boxes - the problem arise when you restrict the airflow.

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    No it can get cold u might need it

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