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Am I being lied to?

So I just moved to this new apartment in an apt. complex in Arizona and on the second day my downstairs neighbor knocks on my door to complain about the loud footsteps we were apparently making. Ok, said sorry and let it pass like any normal neighbor thing. An other day I jump and it makes a really noise sound, of course, five minutes later I hear a knock at my door and guess who it downstairs neighbor. And i may sound annoyed because I was, the floors on this building are not that thick so you can hear stuff from above like i hear from my upstairs neighbors, but i rather not complain since it is very the noises I MAKE. 

Whatever the actual question goes to this: when we met on the supermarket across the street she told me she had a brain tumor. could this mean i actually got her all going the whole time, meaning she is not this uptight lousy boy, but rather someone i should considering being esta careful around (not making any noises) or is she just bluffing? he is pretty tiny. i know that brain tumor causes the loss of some hearing, so how does it apply to this? 



just wanted to know some of your opinions, especially, what you make of the situation, and how YOU would handle this.

Update 2:

also i am the only person who has interacted with him, when i told my mom she said "who he thinks he is" and my older brother said something like "next time i'll confront him"; are they right? and i'm just being to nice/naive/unexperienced?

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