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Should I be employed rather than a contracter/ self employed ? ?

I currently work for a small personal training business where In my contract I’m considered “the contracted” where I’m self employed and pay my own tax and national insurance 

However I asked for time off although I’m sure this should be fine as I’m self employed - anyway the owner introduced a holiday calendar 

I also have to attend unpaid meetings, hours of development which are unpaid

I also find it very hard taking time off as well as the owner being “funny about it” 

What do you guys think, am I a secret employee?  

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  • Maxi
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    10 months ago
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    As self employed you can take time off as you please and need to ask no one, and you are only truely self employed if you have the freedom to take work from other companies and choose your own time/days...if you ony work for one company the reality is they are defrauding HMRC as really they employ you and should be paying you as an employee on PAYE along with paying your pension contributions, have the right to paid holidays. sick pay etc etc etc

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    You might get a better answer by asking this under "Careers and Employment". I was once classified as Contractor after a long time doing the exact same work as Employee, but I can't recall precisely what the nuance is. I think there's a loophole that's to employers' advantage.

    When I googled "contractor or employee" a few informative links came up: Understanding Employee vs. Contractor Designation | Internal Revenue Service, and

  • Tavy
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    10 months ago

    My son was a contractor in the U.K. and he had to ask for time off and attend meetings unpaid. Contractors are paid more than salaried employees, so it's part of the job I'm afraid.

    He also had an inserted clock in his computer which he had to use when he went to the toilet. 10 minutes would then be taken off his pay!

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Sounds like you don't have the option of being an employee. But you are not obligated to continue being a contractor either.

    McDonalds is hiring.

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