How can my boyfriend get financial aid?

At the moment we are working on getting his GED but he wants to go to college after that. His parents were never in the picture and he has bounced from home to home over the last few years but now I've stabilized him a little bit. Due to financial aid not allowing you to file as independent until 24 yrs and with him being 21, what can be done to get him financial aid? He definitely does not make what FAFSA would consider to be too much. Anything helps, thank you!

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  • nancy
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    4 weeks ago

    It's true that most students under the age of 24 must provide parent info, but the FAFSA does recognize that there are situations where that is not practical. If your boyfriend has been homeless during the past year, he can check "yes" to one of the questions on the FAFSA that asks this. (For FAFSA purposes, "homeless" means lacking fixed, regular housing, such as living in a motel, campground, his car, or other temporary situations). He will then most likely be asked by the school to provide some documentation. If he has been designated as homeless by a school or county homeless liason, then he can get a copy of that determination. If he has stayed at a homeless shelter, he can get a letter from the director. If he's just been couch surfing, then that will be a bit more difficult. If that's the case, he should make an appointment to speak with a financial aid counselor at the school he wants to attend to determine what documentation they will require. If he's been living in a stable situation, such as living in an apartment that you share, then he should contact the school about a process called a Dependency Override. This permits a school financial aid administrator to change a student's dependency status from dependent to independent in certain circumstances. However, this process is only used for serious situations where it would be unsafe or impossible to obtain parent information, such as cases of abuse, abandonment, incarceration, or parents who are mentally or physically incapable. It can't be used simply because the student does not live with the parent, or the parent doesn't want to provide information. Each school has its own procedures for handling Dependency Overrides, but in general, your boyfriend would have to provide a written statement and attach two letters from professional sources who are familiar with his situation. These could be from sources such as a teacher, counselor, pastor, medical personnel, police or hospital records, etc. Each school has its own requirements concerning homeless students and Dependency Overrides, so he really does need to work with them to accomplish this.

  • 1 month ago

    If your BF was never a "ward of the court" - ie, a foster child - he can appeal to the financial aid office where he plans to attend. He will probably need to document his situation: WHY was he bouncing from home to home? Were his parents incarcerated? Drug addicts? was there ever a police report? Did he live with grandparents or other relatives? Was anyone ever a court appointed legal guardian (if so, he would be considered "independent)? Can he get confirmation letters about his situation from high school teachers, counselors, social workers, etc.? That is the kind of documentation a financial aid office would look for.

  • Laurie
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    1 month ago

    Was he a foster child? That is one of the exceptions to the “dependent/independent” issue. By the way, so is being married.

  • drip
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    1 month ago

    He can’t be the only student in this situation. Talk to the finance aid office,

    Do research online and at your public library

    He may want to start at a community college first,

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