iPhone 7 back camera and flash not working. Any help? Anything’s appreciated.?

My iPhone 7 back camera and flash have not been working for about maybe 2 weeks. When I open the camera app, there is just a black screen and when I press the button to take pictures nothing happens. Also when I turn on flash in the control center, the button turns on as if the flash was on but nothing happens either. I’ve already tried switching cameras, turning off voiceover, restarting the phone, erasing all settings and data and updating the phone and nothing has worked so far. It is starting to become a problem now since it has been so long and I haven’t been able to take any videos, pictures, or even use flash. Any idea on what’s wrong? Any help is appreciated.

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  • 8 months ago
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    Either the camera module has failed or its connection to the main circuit board has come loose.

    Both of those are often caused by the phone being dropped but they’re also not very common.

    To test, open the camera app and press the onscreen button to switch to the front camera. If that works then it’s the rear camera module which is the source of your fault. If not then there’s a more significant fault.

    The difference is that replacing or reconnecting a single faulty camera module can be a cheap DIY repair. The second option requires professional attention using diagnostic test gear.

    If your phone is still covered by an AppleCare warranty then just let Apple sort it out.

    Before ANY repair, fully backup all of your data first to both iCloud and then also to iTunes on your host computer. That way you ensure there’s a redundant backup in case one backup solution fails.

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