Google Spreadsheet Codes?

Is there a working code/formula for Spreadsheet that i can use to put a text on a cell based on a value of different cell.

EX. if A1 has the word "YES", then put the word "GOOD" on A3

A1-is the text box where i can type

A2-is where the formula is coded

A3-is where the word will be created

Sorry it might seem confusing, im still kinda new with these things i hope you understood what i meant.

Thanks in advance

1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    You don't need a separate cell for the formula. In the cell A3, put the following formula


    If anything other than "YES" appears in A1, then A3 will be blank.

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    • Marvinator
      Lv 7
      9 months agoReport

      I'm confused. If you need A3 for something else, you can put this formula in another cell and it will perform properly.

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