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How can Banks and major Credit Card Companies protect their consumers from fraud? ?

Here are some ideas of how Credit Card Companies can prevent fraud. 

1. The government needs to pass regulation on the sale of gift cards. You can't buy a Money Order or play the Lottery unless you pay with cash. Criminals look for the easiest way that involves min. risk, so the first thing they buy is buy gift cards.

2. Banks should have approved shipping addresses for online purchases. If the shipping address isn't listed, then the transaction is declined. 

3. The ability to lock card when you are not using it. 

4. The ability to restrict card by state or region. While this wouldn't work for people that travel often, it would work for people like me.

5. Allow 2FA on all pin pads.

6. Allow users to set an amount, so when your purchase amount goes over the limit, the transaction is automatically declined. 

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