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Report the sale of personal items from my house if I'm an online reseller selling items I bought to resell?

Do I have to report the sales of personal items from my house and collect WA sales taxes if I'm an online reseller with a business license and also selling items I bought to resell?

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    Thank you for all of your answers.

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    Items that were originally bought for personal use should generally be kept separate from business sales, to avoid complications.

    Personal stuff will likely not show an overall profit anyway, so is not going to affect your taxable income. It would affect turnover though if included in the business account.

    You are allowed to have more than one ebay account, so you can just use two separate accounts for business and private sales - that's what I do.

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    Generally, yes.

    Once you have a sales tax license, the rules for occasional sales/garage sales/yard sales no longer apply to you.

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    Yes! No! Maybe! Ok, I may be extremely confused.

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