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Are the people from Hong Kong a different racial group from China?

My friend said Hong Kong people are different from China. But to me They Look all the same.

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    Hong Kongers are related to Southern Chinese. They speak Cantonese, which is also the same as the Cantonese-speaking Chinese in Guandong and Guanzhou. Their faces also look similar.

    However, most Hong Kongers don't want to be mistaken as Mainland Chinese (People from China). This is because they have many differences in terms of political views and behaviors. Spitting on sidewalks, skipping queue, and talking very loud are commonly found among Mainland Chinese. Not all Mainlanders are like this, but these habits are more likely to be found among Mainlanders comapred to Hong Kongers. There have also been cases where Mainland tourists let their kid to poo on sidewalk. This behavior is considered unacceptable in Hong Kong. Behaviors like this make the Hong Kongers embarrassed to be called Chinese. They like to keep reminding foreigners that Hong Kong is different from Mainland China.

    Historically, Hong Kong was a British colony taken from Qing Dynasty China. After nearly 200 years, it was given to China by Britain. This transfer of ownership has made Hong Kongers to worry that their democracy can slowly become authoritarian like in Mainland China. Over the last decades, Hong Kong's policies have been slowly becoming like Mainland China and as the result, they perceive Mainland China as a threat and wish to be separate from China.

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    The answer is no!

    But because of  geographic and historical reasons there are many differences between Hongkong and Chinese mainland.

    First is geographic reason,China is very large and has long history,so there are different cultures languages and habits among different places,so is between Hongkong and Chinese mainland.

    Second is the historical reason,Hongkong had been a Britain coliny for almost a hundered years,so it is administraed in mordern western political system and much influenced by western culture and habits,you can see a lot of combinations factors between western and orient culture in Hongkong.

    Sorry for my poor English at all!

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    Most have chinese ancestory however due to Hong Kongs ling history as a Britidh baistion and later as a US Navy liberty port there are many that are mixed. And have been for generations

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    Definitely NO. Hongkong people are a part of Chinese people. Even my classmates are living and working now in Hongkong. They moved to Hongkong 10 years ago. The only difference is that Hongkong is an international metropolis, where there are lots of foreigners.

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    OH,BOY!!  Family problems or racist questions..???

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    The concept of "race" is outdated. However, there are many, many different ethnic groups in China. They can often be distinguished by subtle variations in appearance. For people like Americans who often focus only the most obvious of features, Asians with black hair and narrow eyes all look the same. There are many groups represented in Hong Kong, but most are Han Chinese from areas of Canton, and speak Cantonese.

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    People in Hong Kong are Chinese ethnically.

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    No. Race is a term used to conveniently define groups of humans with similar traits; hair, skin color etc. There are five categories of 'race', as far as humans go; Australoid, Capoid, Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid. Using the word 'race', also indicates that different 'races' cannot bread with each other. Since any human 'race' can bread with another 'race', using the word to describe us seems a bit silly.

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    people who arent from asia think us asians look the same anyway, usually they dont pay attention to features, and if they cant they dont try to pay attention to style either, im a japanese girl and many times if i said something that they didnt understand (even in english) they ask if im speaking mandarin

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