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How to get over your crush/make your crush like you?

So I really like this guy but the thing is is that he was once my supervisor. I know it’s hands off for a lot of professionals to not develop a personal connection. There’s no way I would ever tell him my feelings as it would be extremely awkward, plus I no longer see him. He could potentially observe me on social media but that would require him to care in the first place.

Has anyone ever been in this situation? What came out of it?

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    He was once your supervisor but not anymore so it shouldn't be an issue now, right?? It would be if you were still working together but if you arent no harm can come from telling him how you feel. I was oddly in an exact scenario lol. I have no contact with him outside of texting since he isnt my supervisor or with the job now. He is responsive almost immediately but i was always starting the conversation. I figured if he was interested he could at least initiate conversation with me sometimes. After being on my mind off and on i decided to not even ask him out but just admit i was interested in him. Now we made plans to go out and talked the whole night. I couldnt be happier with how things played out and hope the date goes just as smooth.

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    Professionals develop personal connections all the time. Most of the professionals I know are actually married (mostly to other professionals). Your problem isn't that this guy is a professional but that you were his underling at work and him pursuing you sexually would have ended his career. But this all sounds very one-sided and like a case of you almost wishing he cared enough to stalk you. Chances are he has no idea how you feel about him and wouldn't life a finger to find out.

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